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Yulia Egorova

University of British Columbia
PhD student
I am PhD student at the University of British Columbia (Canada). I am researching deepwater zooplankton for my PhD Thesis, but I am also very interested in teaching.

For the last half a year I have joined an Equity & Inclusion (E&I) Scholars Program working under the supervision of Jared Stang, Jaclyn Stewart, Karen Smith and Christine Goedhart. E&I Scholars was created to enhance the university’s strategic commitment to increasing equitable and inclusive teaching practices that support and enhance the experiences of all learners. We aim to develop tools for educators and researchers to measure aspects of their classroom relevant to equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI). We hope to identify inequalities and inequities that currently exist in our courses, and determine the characteristics of learning activities that support and engage all students.

POSTER TITLE: Measuring self-efficacy and sense of belonging across Canadian active-learning introductory science courses

THEME: Diversity, inclusion, and equity

In this poster, we would like to present preliminary findings of one of the subprojects that I have been working on.

The feedback we are seeking on our poster:
- We would greatly appreciate if you have any “success” stories on how you resolve some equity and inclusion issues in your classroom, especially if they are related to underrepresented groups.
- We are interested in comparing the affective outcomes of students who identify with groups of small numbers - such as gender diverse students. We have some qualitative data from surveys, and will likely expand this part of the project. But, we are interested in hearing about options for our quantitative data, such as bootstrapping. Have others used this successfully when they have unequal groups in their comparisons?

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