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Madhvi Venkatesh

Harvard Medical School
Lecturer & Associate Director of Graduate Education
Madhvi Venkatesh is a Lecturer and Associate Director of Graduate Education in the Department of Biological Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology (BCMP) at Harvard Medical School (HMS) and a Visiting Scholar-in-Residence at Olin College of Engineering. At HMS, she works closely with faculty in creating, implementing, and assessing initiatives to enhance the training of graduate students in coursework and paracurricular programs within the BCMP Department. Her research focuses on developing and assessing interventions that promote skills training and student affective outcomes in STEM higher education, specifically within the contexts of bioscience doctoral education and undergraduate engineering education. Madhvi's previous work has shown importance of coursework, mentoring, and peer interactions in positively influencing graduate students' research skills self-efficacy. Her ongoing work investigates how course-based interventions influence students' sense of belonging, mindset, and professional identities and how contemplative pedagogies can be leveraged to create supportive, inclusive, and compassionate educational environments. Her work has been supported by a Mellon Foundation-funded program and the Harvard Initiative for Learning and Teaching.
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