avatar for Ariel Steele

Ariel Steele

University of Minnesota
Minneapolis, MN
I am a postdoctoral associate in biology education research at the University of Minnesota with an interest in equity and inclusion in STEM and biology education research. My research interests focus broadly on undergraduate and graduate students' teaching and learning experiences in STEM. More specifically, my research interests follow two paths. In the first path, I am interested in how graduate students conceptualize their role and development as a scientist within the context of graduate education and how institutional structures and discourses coordinate their experiences in graduate school. In the second path, I am interested in how we can use pedagogy and course structure to improve undergraduate experiences in introductory courses regarding anxiety, sense of belonging, and self-efficacy.

Outside of my research, I have lots of interests. So come talk to me about all of the nerdy things: Dungeons & Dragons, Magic the Gathering, video games, star wars, fantasy books, board games, etc. I also love being active and the outdoors, herpetology, hiking, and weightlifting. Ask me about my pets or send me your favorite TikToks!

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