avatar for Solaire Finkenstaedt-Quinn

Solaire Finkenstaedt-Quinn

University of Michigan
Postdoctoral Researcher
Ann Arbor, MI
I am a postdoctoral researcher in the field of chemical education, with a joint appointment in the Chemistry Department and Sweetland Center for Writing here at the University of Michigan. My research involves development, implementation, and assessment of writing assignments in large, intro level courses. As a graduate student, my research was in the field of bioanalytical chemistry at the University of Minnesota. My work involved using platelets as a model system to investigate how the cytoskeleton directs granule release during exocytosis. In addition to performing research, I am committed to increasing the scientific understanding of the general public through teaching and outreach.

POSTER TITLE: Written Communication to Promote Engagement in Chemistry

THEME: Student experiences and affect
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