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Lev Horodyskyj

University of the Virgin Islands / Science Voices
Visiting Assistant Professor / Founder
Charlotte Amalie, USVI

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I am an astrobiologist and educational innovator.  Currently, I am a visiting assistant professor at the University of the Virgin Islands.  I also work on developing the nonprofit Science Voices. Its mission is to help overlooked communities improve their science education resources using modern pedagogies and technologies.

After completing my PhD at Pennsylvania State University in 2009 in geosciences and astrobiology, I spent eight years at Arizona State University working on digital science curricula. My primary work focused on designing, building, teaching, and researching the effectiveness of Habitable Worlds, a unique digitally native online astrobiology lab course I co-developed with Dr. Ariel Anbar. In addition, I co-developed an environmental diplomacy course with Dr. Tara Lennon that fuses geosciences with public policy and diplomacy.

My primary research interest is cross-cultural science education. To better understand the challenges that students, instructors, and institutions face, I am embedding myself in a number of universities around the world over the next few years. My travels so far have taken me to Chandler-Gilbert Community College (Arizona, US), Khairun University on a Fulbright fellowship (Ternate, North Maluku, Indonesia), and the University of the Virgin Islands (St. Thomas, USVI).

I thrive at the nexus of science, teaching, technology, and culture. My hard science training combined with two decades of collegiate teaching experience, programming projects, and extensive domestic and international travel have allowed me to develop an extensive skillset that empowers me to develop projects that cross these various domains.
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