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Eleanor Sayre

Kansas State University
Professor, Physics
Manhattan, Kansas

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POSTER TITLE: PD models for emerging DBERers

THEME: Educational tools and interventions

I love expanding access to DBER through both graduate education and faculty development! Together with my students and collaborators, we build field schools for emerging education researchers to build community and capacity for education research in both particular disciplines (physics, biology, math...) and specific regions (central US, western Canada, Germany, Kazakhstan, Rwanda....). Come talk to me about how to participate, how to send your students or colleagues, how to join the facilitation team, or possible cool new joint projects!

Monday, March 1

11:00am CST

12:15pm CST

12:35pm CST

12:55pm CST

Tuesday, March 2

12:00pm CST

12:20pm CST

1:00pm CST

1:30pm CST

2:30pm CST

2:50pm CST

3:10pm CST

3:30pm CST

Wednesday, March 3

11:00am CST

12:20pm CST

1:00pm CST

1:30pm CST

3:05pm CST

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