avatar for Andrew Heckler

Andrew Heckler

Ohio State University
Professor of Physics
avatar for Amber Heidbrink

Amber Heidbrink

University of Northern Colorado
avatar for Ashley Heim

Ashley Heim

Cornell University
Postdoctoral Researcher
avatar for Kaleb Heinrich

Kaleb Heinrich

University of Alabama
Assistant professor
avatar for Tomas Helikar

Tomas Helikar

University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Associate Professor
avatar for Lina Arcila Hernandez

Lina Arcila Hernandez

Cornell University
Postdoctoral Fellow
avatar for Michelle Herridge

Michelle Herridge

University of Arizona
Ph.D. Candidate
avatar for Debbie Herrington

Debbie Herrington

Grand Valley State University
Professor of Chemistry

Anna Hiatt

University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Associate Professor of Practice
avatar for Julia Hoang

Julia Hoang

University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Post-Baccalaureate Researcher

Rebekkah Hodges

University of Iowa
Graduate Student
avatar for Jessica Hoehn

Jessica Hoehn

University of Colorado Boulder
Postdoctoral Associate
avatar for Natasha Holmes

Natasha Holmes

Cornell University
avatar for Lydia Horne

Lydia Horne

University of Northern Colorado
Postdoctoral researcher
avatar for Lev Horodyskyj

Lev Horodyskyj

University of the Virgin Islands / Science Voices
Visiting Assistant Professor / Founder
avatar for Kathryn Hosbein

Kathryn Hosbein

East Carolina University
Postdoctoral Scholar

Morgan Howe

University of Wisconsin - Madison
Postdoctoral Research Associate
avatar for Michael Hubenthal

Michael Hubenthal

Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology
Senior Education Specialist
avatar for Tra Huynh

Tra Huynh

University of Washington Bothell
Postdoctoral Scholar

Mallory Jackson

University of Washington
Research Scientist
avatar for Nicole James

Nicole James

Northern Illinois University
Post-Doctoral Scholar
avatar for Blerim Jashari

Blerim Jashari

Minerva Schools at KGI
Undergraduate Student
avatar for Sophia Jeon

Sophia Jeon

Cornell University
avatar for Indumathi Jeyachandran

Indumathi Jeyachandran

San Jose State University
Assistant Professor
avatar for Kim Kastens

Kim Kastens

Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University
Special Research Scientist
avatar for Clarissa Keen

Clarissa Keen

University of Massachusetts Boston
PhD Candidate
avatar for Tamara Kelly

Tamara Kelly

York University
Professor, Teaching Stream (Biology)
avatar for Hien Khong

Hien Khong

Kansas State University
Grad Student
avatar for J. L. Kiappes

J. L. Kiappes

University College London
Associate Lecturer (Teaching)

Emily King

Iowa State University
Graduate Student

Cheyenne Kleiner

Angelo State University
Undergrad Student
avatar for Melissa Ko

Melissa Ko

Stanford University
Science and Engineering Education Fellow
avatar for Regis Komperda

Regis Komperda

San Diego State University
Assistant Professor
avatar for Dawn Kopacz

Dawn Kopacz

University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Assistant Professor of Practice in Atmospheric Science

Hagit Kornreich-Leshem

Florida International University
Research Assistant Professor, LA Program Director

Megan Kowalske

Western Michigan University
Department Chair
avatar for Margareta Krabbe

Margareta Krabbe

Biology Education Center
Senior Lecturer
avatar for David Kranz

David Kranz

Justus-Liebig-University Giessen
PhD Student

Christopher Krause

University of South Carolina
Graduate Instructor

Anne Kruchten

The College of St. Scholastica
Director of Assessment/ Associate Professor of Biology
avatar for Tunde Kushimo

Tunde Kushimo

Texas Tech University

Nicole LaDue

Northern Illinois University
Associate Professor

Marianne Laporte

Eastern Michigan University
Associate Professor
avatar for Tori Larsen

Tori Larsen

University of California, San Diego
Research Data Analyst
avatar for James Laverty

James Laverty

Kansas State University
Assistant Professor of Physics
avatar for Katherine Lazenby

Katherine Lazenby

University of Iowa
Research fellow

Paula Lemons

University of Georgia
avatar for Jennifer Lewis

Jennifer Lewis

National Science Foundation
Program Director
avatar for Yangqiuting Li

Yangqiuting Li

University of Pittsburgh
Graduate student
avatar for Leonie Lieber

Leonie Lieber

Justus-Liebig-University Giessen
PhD Student
avatar for Rebecca Lindell

Rebecca Lindell

Tiliadal STEM Education Solutions for Higher Ed
Owner and Founder
avatar for Beth Lindsey

Beth Lindsey

Penn State Greater Allegheny
Associate Professor of Physics
avatar for Christine Lindstrom

Christine Lindstrom

University of New South Wales
avatar for Dilhara Liyanage

Dilhara Liyanage

University of Virginia
Postdoctoral Research Associate
avatar for Annabelle Lolinco

Annabelle Lolinco

Iowa State University
Graduate Student
avatar for Lyrica Lucas

Lyrica Lucas

University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Post-Doctoral Research Associate
avatar for Michaela Lucas

Michaela Lucas

NASA Nebraska Space Grant
Associate Director
avatar for Laura Lukes

Laura Lukes

George Mason University
Assistant Director
avatar for Franchesca Lyra

Franchesca Lyra

University of Texas at Austin
Undergraduate Scholar
avatar for Daniel MacIsaac

Daniel MacIsaac

SUNY Buffalo State College

Jen Maki

The College of St. Scholastica

Alysa Malespina

University of Pittsburgh
Graduate Student, Physics Education Research

Andrew Mason

University of Central Arkansas
Associate Professor
avatar for Mary Mawn

Mary Mawn

SUNY Empire State College
Dean and Associate Professor
avatar for Jason May

Jason May

University of Utah
Graduate Student
avatar for Katie McAllister

Katie McAllister

Associate Professor and Head of the College of Social Sciences
avatar for Melody McConnell

Melody McConnell

Mayville State University
Assistant Professor of Science
avatar for Moira McDermott

Moira McDermott

Syracuse University
Assoc. Teaching Prof. & Asst. Chair
avatar for Peggy McNeal

Peggy McNeal

Towson University
Assistant Professor
avatar for Alex Mejia

Alex Mejia

University of San Diego
Assistant Professor, Integrated Engineering
avatar for Alyssa Miller

Alyssa Miller

North Dakota State University
Graduate Student
avatar for Olivia Miller

Olivia Miller

Harvard University
Graduate Student
avatar for Michele C. Morris

Michele C. Morris

HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology
Workforce Development Lead
avatar for Alison Moyer

Alison Moyer

Edelman Fossil Park of Rowan University
Education Coordinator
avatar for Bekir Mugayitoglu

Bekir Mugayitoglu

University of Wyoming
Postdoctoral Research Associate
avatar for Jennifer Muzyka

Jennifer Muzyka

Centre College
avatar for Megan Nagel

Megan Nagel

Penn State Greater Allegheny
Associate Professor of Chemistry
avatar for Hannah Nennig

Hannah Nennig

University of Iowa
Graduate Student
avatar for Dina Newman

Dina Newman

Rochester Institute of Technology
Associate Professor
avatar for Keenan Noyes

Keenan Noyes

Michigan State University
Graduate Student
avatar for Emmanuel Nti-Asante

Emmanuel Nti-Asante

University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth
Graduate Student
avatar for Christine O'Donnell

Christine O'Donnell

Arizona State University
Postdoctoral Research Scholar
avatar for Jessie Oehrlein

Jessie Oehrlein

Columbia University
PhD Candidate, Applied Math/Atmospheric Science
avatar for Erika Offerdahl

Erika Offerdahl

Washington State University
Associate Professor
avatar for negar Orangi-Fard

negar Orangi-Fard

Georgia Gwinnett College
Assistant Professor

Elizabeth Parisi

The College of New Jersey
avatar for Iglika Pavlova

Iglika Pavlova

UNC Greensboro
Academic Professional
avatar for Alanna Pawlak

Alanna Pawlak

University of Colorado Boulder
Research Associate
avatar for Viranga Perera

Viranga Perera

Purdue University
Postdoctoral Researcher
avatar for Markeya Peteranetz

Markeya Peteranetz

University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Learning Assessment Coordinator
avatar for Anna Phillips

Anna Phillips

Cornell University
avatar for Raymond Pugh

Raymond Pugh

University of Wisconsin - Platteville
Assistant Professor
avatar for Nicole Ramo

Nicole Ramo

Shantou University/West Chester University
Lecturer/Assistant Professor
avatar for Atiya Razi

Atiya Razi

University of Windsor
Doctoral student, STEM researcher, STEM educator
avatar for Edward (Joe) Redish

Edward (Joe) Redish

University of Maryland
Professor Emeritus
avatar for Barbara Reisner

Barbara Reisner

James Madison University

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