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Ash Heim

Cornell University
Postdoctoral Researcher
Ithaca, NY
In 2016, I began my Ph.D. in Biological Education at the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley, CO, where I studied learner-centeredness in biology classrooms to explore how perceptions of instructors, students, and expert observers align, as well as free-choice learning of undergraduates in informal learning settings like zoos to better understand how such visits influence students’ motivation, self-regulation, academic performance, and goal-setting in biology. After graduating with my Ph.D. in May 2020, I moved cross-country to Ithaca, NY, and am currently a postdoctoral researcher at Cornell University (Ecology & Evolutionary Biology) working with Michelle Smith and Natasha Holmes. My primary research focuses on developing an instrument to measure undergraduates' critical thinking skills in ecology (i.e., the Biology Lab Inventory of Critical thinking in Ecology, or Eco-BLIC). However, I am interested and involved in many other DBER research projects--including exploring social networks in physics classrooms, how faculty use open education resources, and developing learner-centered curriculum materials for both in-person and virtual biology courses, among others--so please feel free to reach out if you would like to collaborate or have any questions!

I'm also the current chair of DBER-SiT (Scholars-in-Training) if you are a grad student or postdoc and would like to get more involved in SABER! You can email me with any questions, or feel free to email our DBER-SiT email (dbersit@gmail.com). Check out our website, too! https://dbersit.weebly.com/

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